I’m primarily interested in syntax processing and have been gaining research experience on topics ranging from sentence processing, statistical learning, language learning mechanisms as well as the neural basis of language development. I’m developing my research in mainly two directions:

Firstly, I work on sentence processing. More specifically, I am interested in the processing and learning of long-distance dependencies. In my MA thesis, I have explored the effects of modification positions as well as different filler-gap distances on head-final RC processing. My MA thesis mainly focuses on the processing of Cantonese RCs, which has a VO word order and pre-nominal RC parameter. This leads me to consider the direction of expectation formation in structural processing; also, I’d like to question how structures are processed in different configurations of dependencies (e.g. serial dependency vs central embedding).

Secondly, I work on language-music relation and musician-nonmusician distinction. In my thesis, I am examining how language and music structures interact during processing when they have different head-directions, which in turn leads to the discussion of whether syntax processing would be a domain-general capacity. Moreover, finding differences in musicians’ and non-musicians’ language processing leads to the question of how musical training modulates language processing areas in brain.

I’ve been working as Dr. Regine Lai’s research assistant to explore human’s learning strategies for sound patterns of different computation complexities. The exposure to phonology research has stimulated my research ideas in three-way comparisons among musical, phonological and syntactic structures, where comparisons could be made in the senses of auditory vs other modalities, linguistic vs nonlinguistic processing, as well as general structural processing.

Recently, I’m having a growing interest in the statistical learning of linguistic and non-linguistic patterns. I would also like to explore human’s learning mechanisms as well as how human brains react to processing difficulties.

MA Thesis:

Simultaneous Processing in Language and Music: A Study on Cantonese (Non)Musicians [paper]


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Conference proceeding:

Winterstein, G., Tang, C. & Lai, R. (2020, May). Cantomap: a Hong Kong Cantonese MapTask Corpus. In The International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020). Palais du Pharo. (Conference canceled)

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